Price list

You can choose one of our routers to create new network and WiFi hotspot in your business. If you already have a network in your business there is no need to change anything. Just connect your routers or access points to Netspot Basic and fully use its functionality.

SPECIAL OFFER: If you continuously use Netspot for commercial advertisement we take off 98 EUR of the Netspot price!

If you already have a network in your business you can use Netspot Basic for the total investment of 1 EUR! The price involves sending Netspot as a self-installation kit or Netspot installation by our technician (available in Prague or Brno). The installation price of 1 EUR is available only for restaurants in the Czech Republic.

Basic Netspot

Solution for small business'

TL-WR740N – Range is about 20 metres in open space* and server about 15 users at the same time**. Works in 2,4 GHz band.

Best way to start with Netspot in small and medium business'. 


149  €

Medium Netspot

More powerful device with higher range and ability to serve more users

TL-WDR3500 – Range is about 25 metres in open space* and serves about 35 users at the same time**. Works in 5 GHz band.

Solution for medium business'

199  €

Superior Netspot

Best solution for demanding users

Most powerful device with high range and many connections at the same time..

range 50 metres*
serves 50 users**
2,4 GHz
range 50 metres*
serves 200 users**
2,4 GHz or 5 GHz
349  499 

from 349  €

Mobile Netspot

Special Netspot package using mobile data connection

Package cantaining Netspot and GSM 3G modem (could contain also LTE modem for 99 EUR).

Netspot is ready to be used in vehicles, public transport or taxis. Simply everywhere where you need mobile connection.

from  299  €

*) Aproximate range in open space.

**) Aproximate number of connections at the same time.