Get maximum from your WiFi hotspot - improve the image and increase the income of your business. Make internet access easy for your customers!

Netspot is a small device which allows you to show a welcomepage to everyone who connects to your free WiFi hotspot. Display welcomepage on phones, tablets and notebooks of your customers and use it to promote your offers or use it as a space for commercial advertising. Make money through commissions! More about Netspots

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How will you use Netspot in your business?

  • Promote your brand

    Create your own welcomepage and increase sales of your product.

    Promote your brand

    Make money on WiFi connection

    Display advertisement to your customers and make money with each connection!

    Make money

Benefits of Netspot 

Email marketing

Collect email adresses from your customers and send them newsletters with speacial offers.


Track usage of your WiFi network and get detailed statistics of your Netspot device. 

Easy WiFi connection

No more protected WiFi networks. Unlock them and make money with free connection.