Make money with each connection!

  • Order your Netspot – Your investment starts at 1 EUR (in case you already have WiFi in your business)
  • Our technician can deliver the Netspot to you and connect it for you (Prague/Brno) or we can send it by the post office and you can connect it by yourself. Our selfinstallation kit with intelligible manual makes setting up Netspot an easy task for everyone with basic IT skills.
  • No risk and no time to wait - make money through commisions from displayed advertising. Keep an eye on online statistics in web interface of your Netspot.

It is very easy; ensure immediate passive income with investment only 1 EUR.  

Passive income is normally about tens of Euros, businesses in the centre of Prague/Brno can make up to 50 EUR or more. Without high initial investment, without work, without risk. 

No "buts" or "ifs". It's simple - the more people connects to your WiFi hotspot the more money you make. 

We take care of the Netspot installation and configuration. 

We provide advertisers for you and your welcomepage.

+0,02 EUR

You can see at any time how much money you earn.

Netspot price

The Netspot price starts at 1 EUR

If you already have a WiFi hotspot in your business you need to invest only 1 EUR to get all the Netspot features. We can send the Netspot via post office as a self-installation kit or our technician can make the installation and configuration personally (only Prague and Brno). More information: price list of Netspots.

Monthly income

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Netspot order

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