How Netspot works

Netspot is unique solution allowing easy WiFi hotspot management. After connection to the free WiFi is displayed welcomepage to the users where they will see special offers of your business or advertisement and then they can connect to the internet. Users can be also redirected to any website.

Netspot can be easily integrated into your current network. If you don't have network at your business we can build new network for you.

Create passive income by showing advertisement and make money with each connection! Make money

Display your own offers or upcoming events, promote your brand and increase sales of your products!  Promote brand

What Netspot can do for you:

Simple connection

No more locked WiFi networks. Unlock them and make money with each connection.

Create passive income

Display advertisement on your customers' mobile phones, tablets or notebooks and create passive income.

Promote your brand

Display your own offers and upcoming events. Promote your brand and increase sales of your products.

Usage statistics

Track usage of your WiFi network and get detailed statistics. Find out how many customers use internet connection.

Email marketing

Thanks to Netspot you can collect email adresess of your customers and use them for newsletter.

Facebook likes

Get new fans to your page thanks to special function allowing connection through Facebook.

You can use Netspot anywhere

Waiting rooms of hospitals or clinics

Allow your patients to enjoy free WiFi connection in your waiting room while they are waiting for the treatment in your hospital or clinic.

Restaurants, hotels, cafes

In every restaurant, hotel, coffee shops, bars ect., there is standart to have WiFi network connection. 

Shopping centres

Shopping centres are also ideal places for displaying advertisement of concrete shops to customers.


Enable your employees and clients register to network. 


Also here people will welcome WiFi connection, thanks to that you can earn money in form of advertisement or by displaying your own content. 

Train stations, airports

Also on these places people often wait and through their mobilephones they surf on the Internet. 

Home usage

Everybody have router at home. Get instead of router, Netspot, and raise money by displaying advertisement!