Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can I keep devices after contract expiration?

No. By signing contract you're buying only license (software part) which allows you to use Netspot functions. Hardware is still in possesion of Netspot s.r.o. s we could be able to remotely upgrade devices and modifiy or add functions.

What other benefits from Netspot will I get apart from revenue if I display third-party ads on it?

You will get detailed monthly statistics and free access to administration where you can easily create the Welcomepage for your own business promotion. Unsold inventory you use for your own business promotion and your customers engagement without paying any monthly fee. Our goal is also to involve Advertisers of brands you have in your offer (i. e. Coca Cola, Heineken, etc.) so that not only you make money on third-party Ads but they also boost sales of your products. 

I already have WiFi in my business. Do I have to create new WiFi network or change my routers?

There's no need to change anything. Your current routers can be used as access points and Netspot can be connected in front of them just do deliver functionality.

Is Netspot also internet service provider?

No, we are not internet service provider. We create Wi-Fi advertising hotspots by installing in your business our routers with specific firmware. However, if you do not have internet connection in your premises, we can refer you to some companies who provide internet connection.

Does not Netspot endanger the network security?

On the contrary, Netspot device increases security of your network as it creates subnet that is separated from the network where cash machines, printers, computers and other peripheries are installed.

Can I use your software solution with my hardware?

Unfortunatelly, at this moment it is not possible. Our firmware comes with certain types of hardware. If you have your own WiFi routers and access points you can connect our device to your current network and deliver Netspot functionality to your devices. If you have questions about providing our software contact us please.

How much money will I earn on Netspot?

Your earnings depend on more factors. More customers connect to your Wi-Fi, more money you earn. If you use router or antenna with larger outreach, you can reach more connections as it covers greater distance, for example also customers of your next door competitor. Your earnings also depend on how much of your advertising space (Advertising Welcomepages and Landingpages) is sold to Advertisers and how much they pay per Impression and Redirection. Average restaurant in Prague has around 1500 Impressions with 75 % Click-Through-Rate per month. If we suppose that 80 % of your inventory is sold to Advertisers and price for both Impression and Redirection is 0,15 €, then the restaurant earns between  40 – 75 € per month, that is more what you pay to your internet service provider. 

What is necessary for correct functionality of Netspot?


All ports should allowed (excluding TCP/25 which is disabled by Netspot) for Netspot to run correctly but essential are these:

TCP: 80, 18515

UDP: 53, 9494


ICMP (Internet control message protocol) including ping

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